Tea shop business plan in india

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Tea shop business plan in india

Repeat sales depend on consistently high quality products and service. We will thus train every part-time teatender in the proper storage, brewing, and serving of our 52 kinds of tea.

Our teas and chocolates are offered at a price premium that discourages customers seeking cheap, low-quality goods. This not only enhances the feeling of prestige customers get when patronizing our teahouse, but also ensures that customers will have similar expectations of service and quality, based on their socio-economic class.

The status and sophistication indicated by suggesting an outing to Jasmine, or a gift basket with our logo on it, will soon become valuable in themselves.

Lady Grey's four years of experience as a teatender, and 3 years of training as an herbalist. We are the only full-scale teahouse within 20 miles. We have arranged competitive distribution contracts with high-end tea growers around the world.

We are the only retailer offering such a wide array of premium chocolates east of the river. To significantly build sales, we must not just find new customers - we must take customers away from existing stores and from their coffee-drinking habits.

Clearly, with committed tea drinkers, the first will suffice. However, for the rest of our target market, we must strategically define ourselves as the answer to the many different things each group is seeking. Our highly visible location in the historic shopping district of downtown Simsbury will encourage walk-in traffic.

Tea Drinkers Appeal to their gourmet palates: Flyers in gourmet grocery stores and coffeehouses in the same area. Ads in local magazines: Review by the food writer for the Hartford Courant.

Socializers Appeal to their sense of prestige and good taste. A cozy chat over a cup of tea is just right for exchanging gossip, planning outings, or simply relaxing and pampering oneself. Advertise through local churches and women's organizations. Monthly "Tea Tasting" party with a different theme each month.

Coupons in the local papers for "free friends" pots with your tea order, a friend gets a free pot, to try out our teas for the first time. Flyers in local upscale boutiques, salons, and restaurants. Gift Buyers Focus on our wide gourmet selection and convenient location: Ads in all local papers Press releases to local papers, including gift suggestions Tourists Walk-ins: In mild weather Spring through Autumnour best chances are to increase the visibility of our store to encourage visits from tourists strolling through downtown.

The storefront design in our highly visible location will include our name and logo, and we will place standing signs pointing towards our store at both nearby intersections. We will place ads in the programs of all plays, operas, and other cultural events in Hartford County throughout the year, billing ourselves as a "mini-getaway" from the pace of urban life.

We will provide brochures in every local historical site, visitor's center, and state park information booth. Alliances with local Inns: Our Sales Forecast depends on establishing a loyal customer base who visits our teahouse at least once every month; we expect a few committed tea drinking "regulars" who will come in more than once a week.

In order to achieve this kind of repeat business, every customer, whether on the first visit or their hundredth, will be treated graciously and with respect.

Part of our mission is to educate our customers about tea and tea brewing; however, this must only be done in a respectful fashion. Our knowledge is a resource, and must never be used to make a customer feel uncomfortable or ignorant.

tea shop business plan in india

These cards include questions about taste preferences which will help our teatenders guide the customer to a tea they will enjoy. These plates will allow customers to try new kinds of tea without committing to a full pot.

Special Events In addition to our monthly tea tasting parties, Jasmine Teahouse will offer customers the option of reserving the entire teahouse for a party or special event. We anticipate business for bridal and baby showers, as well as a few children's birthday parties.

We offer two sizes of sit-down hot tea: Iced Teas are served in 12oz.Most tea shops eventually go out of business and switch to e-commerce only due to the high cost of rent.

There's a lot that could be done to be successful, but you'll have to create a niche for your product to fund the retail side. The Tea Room Business Plan - Mission, Strategy And Tactics Since the tea room is a relatively simple small business, an elaborate mission statement is overkill.

The entrepreneur should decide the reason for the business and what goals the business should accomplish. Starting a new tea business. I am in the process of starting a new tea business.

I am planning on going to the World Tea expo and to the New Business seminar. Right now I am looking for a wholesaler. I’ve seen a couple of posts that list a few wholesalers.

I’ve looked at their sites but I . Thanks to Barista, Cafe Coffee Day have done a great job of popularising coffee consumption in India.

Low Cost Opportunity - Business Models that made Profits Affordable!

In , Tata Tea opened the first outlet of Chai Unchai, a tea chain, in Bangalore with similar intentions. Admitting that it is not very easy running the business now, he says: “Earlier, we sold tea for Rs.3 to Rs.

4. Now, ordinary tea costs Rs. 5 and special, masala chai costs Rs.7 at our shop. The price of a cup of tea at a tea shop varies depending on the quality of the tea and the shop’s location, along with other factors.

One tea shop business in New York City sold green tea for $ per cup.

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