Kaufmann manufacturing company

At the beginning of the yearthe project of building an iron works at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was inaugurated by residents of that vicinity, and a charter was taken out for "The Saucona Iron Company" on April 8th,the name being changed by Act of Legislature, March 31st,to "The Bethlehem Rolling Mills and Iron Company", and again, May 1st,to "The Bethlehem Iron Company". On July 16th,ground was broken, but the early construction was much delayed by the disturbance of the Civil War then in progress. The first blast furnace was blown-in January 4th,the puddle furnaces were completed and began operations July 27th,and the first rails of puddled iron were rolled on the rolling mill September 26th, The infant industry prospered from the first, partly due to its favorable location in the Lehigh Valley in close proximity to supplies of ore and fuel, but mainly to the mechanical genius of its then General Superintendent, the now world-famous Mr.

Kaufmann manufacturing company

Three words that describe who we are, what we do, and how we go about doing it.

Kaufmann manufacturing company

It characterizes the way we think. In the plant, in the office, at every site throughout the world. It means developing solutions for our customers — big and small.

As a diversified industrial group we supply reliable products, services and solutions — on schedule, in premium quality, and with a convincing price-performance ratio. In the spheres of mechanics, plant construction, and materials. We know our customers and their markets.

We invest in relevant technological innovations, and in doing so make the world a little bit better. We are a reliable partner — that is our pledge. That is the source from which we draw our strength and competence.

In This Section: AMS Technologies is a leading solution provider and distributor of high-tech, leading-edge components, systems and equipment, with more than 30 years of experience to date and currently serving more than European customers.

But a great past is not sufficient for coping with the challenges of the future. Which is why we are thinking today how we want to be tomorrow. And we know today what the world of tomorrow and our customers need.

We develop sustainable solutions that are also capable of meeting future challenges. We improve what already functions. And we revolutionize industries if they make people's lives easier and create a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our business activities benefit from the fact that we in our Group network think and work on a cross-company, cross-functional basis. We trust and are trustworthy. We are a team. We learn from each other and advance ourselves together.

After all, the really big objectives can only be achieved together. The thyssenkrupp business areas.Ms. Mary Kaufmann, president and sole owner of Kaufmann Manufacturing Company (a manufacturer of a single, specialized, industrial product), had just received the financial results of her company for the second six months of Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The Coop Group is a cooperative. It is managed by a Board of Directors which has ten members. The Coop Group's operational management is undertaken by a seven-strong Executive Committee. A management team is studying the latest years operations and sales, which seem to have led to very confusing financial results.

Sales exceeded forecast and production for the first six months, yet. Kaufman Manufacturing Company has been designing and building machines for a wide variety of applications for over 85 years. Many of our machines have been producing parts for over 30 years and still continue to operate in the field even today.

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